Objetivos Estratégicos y Tecnológicos de I+D iMOV3D
Objetivos Estratégicos y Tecnológicos de I+D iMOV3D
Strategic Objectives

The iMOV3D team has set itself the following Challenges:


Technological Improvement aimed to “Excellence”

Based on the national leadership position of the iMOV3D team, the aim is to advance in disruptive technologies, from maturity levels (TRL) 3-4 to TRL6, which will make it possible to respond to the major challenges relating to autonomy, intelligent air traffic management and safety considered for unmanned aerial mobility in the field of intelligent transport.


Consolidate "Positioning" at International Level

The objective is to become a reference in the international context, both at the technological level and in support of the industry, through an ambitious plan for the dissemination of results, transfer of technologies and internationalisation.


“Talent” Development and Recruitment

The objective is to have highly qualified human resources to address current and future challenges in the field of iMOV3D, through an ambitious plan to attract talent and training of research staff, which will pay special attention to increasing equality and integration.

Technological Objectives


Development of key technologies to increase safety in autonomous air transport solutions (people and packages)

A. Precision navigation.
B. Detect&Avoid autonomous system using on-board sensors.
C. Intelligent and safe landing.
D. New aircraft concepts with intrinsic safety.


Development of techologies that allow the safe integration of a large number of UAVs into the same airspace

A. Tracking and sensory fusion technologies.
B. Tactical conflict detection and resolution.
C. Coordinated trajectory planning and separation management.
D. Traffic capacity management in high density environments.




Development of intelligent cooperative systems

A. Cutting-edge intelligent and highly integrated avionics.
B. Cooperation with SmartCity objects (vehicle-infraestructure ,V2I, and vehicle-vehicle, V2V).
C. New interfaces for remote monitoring of autonomous aerial vehicles.
D. 5G communications and security.


Validation of new technologies through experiments and demonstrations

A. Increase of TRL from experimental validation.
B. Demonstration of technological capabilities to promote technology transfer.

In addition, iMOV3D consortium establishes the following objectives:

Dissemination of results and technology transfer.
Increased the internationalization of their activities.
Attraction of talent and activities to increase the training of their research staff.
Increasing integration and equality in the different tecnological centres.